My very first blog post

Okay, so… this is my very first blog post on my blog!!

Actually, I started this blog for my assignment. Yeah, I’m still a student.

But, after attending a seminar about “How to be a ‘different’ journalist” , I think why not trying to write about everything I like on my own blog. In the future, all of my writing here can be my portfolio.

I’m starting to have passion in writing since a year ago, but I’ve never try to post my writing on a blog. Or even try to write “what’s on my mind” on my social media. I’m usually keep my opinion on my head, not letting it out. But, yeah, I start this blog to try to share my opinion about something I like, something interest me.

Maybe I’ll write a book review (because I like to read novel, so.. ya..), about my favorite K-pop group (yes, I love K-Pop and Korean Culture), about how’s my day going, or anything else that comes on my mind.

I’ll write mostly in Indonesia and sometimes in English. Maybe you’ll see some Korean too. Hahahaha

So, I hope you enjoy my blog!!


Lots of love,




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